Classy Hotel & Spa


CLASSY HOTEL is the epitome of Character that constructed with a combination of Family and Love right in the heart of the historical city of Battambang, Kingdom of Cambodia. The Hotel has been designed with an exceptional wooden interior along with a Classical French architecture that guarantees you a one of a kind experience, which aims to deliver products and services that meet and exceed your expectation of this enchanted city. CLASSY HOTEL is conveniently located across from Stung Sangke River within walking distance to a Traditional Market, Restaurants, Shopping, Governor’s House, Banks, and Entertainment Centers. It is just a five minutes walk across H.E. Sar Kheng Bridge from the old French’s town and ten minutes walk from the Classical French’s Governor House. It is also just twelve kilometers from Phnom Sampeou, twenty-five kilometers from Phnom Banan, and a much shorter ride to an improvised French colonial rail vehicle called a Norry. Sincerely, CLASSY HOTEL is a convenient address to travelers of Education, Business, and Leisure.

CLASSY was derived from a Khmer word, Vannak, which is one of the five traditional Khmer blessings, Ayu Vannak Sokhak Polak Nig Padepeanak. The five blessings are intent to bring people success, prosperity and happiness in their daily lives. Furthermore, Vannak are also names for men in which the meaning is interpret as having class while having a personality that is full of creativity, imagination, and compassion for others. In closing, CLASSY HOTEL was taken as our business brand name with the sole purpose to respect and worship of the Founder (Mr. Vannak) by serving our honorary guests with world Class services throughout their stays and beyond.

  • Address 159 D, Street 207, Phum Romcheck 4, Sangkat Ratanak, Battambang Province, Kingdom of Cambodia

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